Saturday, August 8, 2015

Poetry Session #1 | 'Queen'

Hey hey y'all! I can't believe it's Saturday already this month is going to fly by like July. Not many plans today I honestly just want to watch Netflix & Hulu while eating popsicles all day! Wait forget the popsicles ice cream and brownies sounds so much better, Mmm brownies... (Homer Simpson voice). 

Anyway this post is a little different than normal.... time for some poetry y'all! So I've had writers block for about...well, let's just say I haven't written a good poem in years, like over three years!  

But with 'Queen' I must say..... I'M BAAAACK! I wrote this poem yesterday while at work sitting at my desk. It really didn't take long at all I would've finished it faster if they didn't expect me to work geez how rude! Lol! 

This poem is a message to women on how we should view ourselves. Of course there's a metaphor involved I mean this is poetry. I decided to deliver the message through a game of Chess. 

I hope you all enjoy...


Natural beauty 
Encasing the mentality 
Of a bad -female dog 
Today's women 
More concerned 
With his score
Than the soar 
Of their own two feet
Right paw and left paw
Understand that you're a beast

And the words that fall 
From their jaw 
Utters hustle with no 
Underground railroad 
Black women 
At the front of a bus 
Eating Strange Fruit 
Their hustle speaks 
With no muscle

Know your power
The power you have to devour 
Don't bend 
In the presence of men 
Know the strength 
Of your backbone 
They're just squares of 64 
My Queen
You must think outside your box
Battle men chest to chest
In this life of chess
You're all that matters 
Not a king 
So protect your chest
That thing that lies 
Beneath your breast

You can't rook a queen 
Hell I rule at knight 
I taught two bishops how move
Gave Jazz it's groove 
Gave swing to mood 
The Queen of checking...mates

A natural beauty 
Diminished by a five letter word 
As for me 
That noun, you keep that
I school Kings and Pawns 
You can't beat that 
I'm dressed in black 
The sister of Mary Mack 
I just invented my own pitty pat.

-Londen Sloan 


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