Sunday, August 23, 2015

O.O.T.D: Wine Boots

Sitting on my couch listening to Kanye's '808's & Heartbreak' I really forgot how brilliant this album was. It's not something that you listen to everyday or even bump in the car for that matter UNLESS it's at night! This album just gives me that night time vibe! If you're in the house after 6 pm on the weekend this album and some wine...what?! Or crusin' down the street going nowhere with the windows down on a cool summer night! This album is where it's at!! Ok sorry I just had a moment! I'm currently listening to 'Say You Will" OMG!!! This song, this song!! Especially the end! How Kanye let the beat ride out. Ok back to the topic at hand............
My favorite cousin in the whole wide world flew down here from Ohio to surprise his mother an drop off his daughter for about two weeks. Speaking of surprising mom didn't know he wanted to surprise his mom so she told her he was flying down to visit (how do you say FAIL?!) So my mother and I drove him around so he could get a quick feel of Texas (if you've ever visited you know there is no such thing as a quick feel when it comes to Texas.)
OMG, so 'Pinocchio' just came on, Kanye killed this song! This man is a genius! "I just wanna be a real boy!" *sigh* brilliant!
Any way so we took him by 'The Highlands' and to the great 'In & Out Burger' so he could experience their delicious(ness) and what I told him were "monster fries" smh ...after going in there I heard the cashier say "Animal fries" lol! Another FAIL!
Here's what I decided to wear today.....
Decided to go with an all black number... plain black t-shirt, biker shorts, button down, my favorite black ballerina socks and a splash of color, my ALDO boots.

Ok enjoy the rest of your weekend guys! I think I'm going to finish this Chardonnay, watch some HULU and pop some popcorn. See my last post if you are in need of something to do to end your weekend.
Love y'all!
-Londen Sloan



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