Thursday, July 30, 2015

White Spots

Just sitting on the floor (on my yoga mat) playing 'Call of Duty' and blogging at the same time...Queen of multitasking I know! I've been helping my mom move for the last few days and boy am I tired but hey that's my mommy so of course it was worth it!
*Pauses game runs to kitchen to pour a glass of white wine*
Ok, I'm back.
Any who Sunday I went to Kojo's baseball game in Dallas and decided to take my camera along (I have to give my camera a name) Hmm? His team has been pretty good they've only lost one game so far and there's only one game left if I'm not mistaken. As hot as it is here (97-100 degrees) I've managed to stay pretty cool out there. Sitting under a tree, taking bottles of water, a towel, etc. The last few fields had an awning how do you say awesome sauce?! 
So here's my O.O.T.D a simple white denim short with leopard print flip flops - had to keep the rest of the look somewhat simple because of the polka dot shirt. I thought of pairing orange and peanut butter together and I love how it turned out.

And we've arrived at 'Kiest Park' in Dallas..
"Swing batter, batter, batter swiiing batter!"

Well hello Dallas...

The wait at Fuel City (tacos)
Home we go! One day we will dine with Wolfgang Puck..
-Button Down: Goodwill
-Denim Shorts: Target
Sandals: 5 & Below
Backpack Purse: Sam Moon
Watch: Sam Moon 
Glasses: Ross
Lip: MAC's RiRi Woo & Cyber (mixed)
How's your Thursday going? Can you believe tomorrow's Friday?!
-Londen Sloan


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