Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Review | NLA Dietary Supplement

Hey guys thought I'd do a small and I mean small review on NLA's dietary supplement on something that I've recently noticed. Before going to the tennis court I needed energy (seeing that I just clocked out of work) so I grabbed my BPI Sports bottle and filled it with my energy booster. I was fine at first (felt it start to kick in) after a while I began feeling dizzy, lightheaded, couldn't really stand up. Now I always take this supplement before working out the only thing I did differently was I didn't eat anything. Being in a rush backfired on me! Make sure you eat something before taking this drink. It doesn't say it on the package but I strongly suggest that you do! And always do your research. But as far as that I still love this drink the taste is a little weird but it gets the job done.

Hope you all have an awesome week of fitness!

-Londen Sloan


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