Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fitness Inspiration: Brittany Renner |

Hey hey my beautiful people! So according to the fabulous June Ambrose today is "Wow Wednesday" so in dedication to Wow Wednesday I decided to share with you all my Go-To, my secret weapon, my inspiration Brittany Renner a.k.a Bundle of Brittany (Instagram).

There's tons of instagram pages out there showing girls with a flat stomach, toned butt, nice arms, etc. But they never show how they got there.... SHOW ME YOUR BEFORE PICTURE "SO I KNOW ITS REAL!"

I respect Brittany so much for posting her before picture and telling us how she got to the size in the middle...consistency!

When I'm feeling down or flat out lazy I log on to Insta and type in her name "bundle of brittany" and kill it in the gym! I also go to her page when I want to do the most a.k.a play tennis for one/two hours and then hit the gym for some cardio!

Not only is Brittany an inspiration she has so much personality and just does not care what people think! So much love and respect for this woman!

When you're feeling down or in need of some serious motivation go on Instagram and type in her name or #fitthickarmy.

-Londen Sloan



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