Monday, July 20, 2015

Dinner At Boston's

 Good morning guys I am currently sitting in the lobby at the Sheraton Hotel planning our family reunion. This hotel is lovely and located down the street from The Rangers Stadium. Instead of renting a hall we decided to go with a conference room inside of a nice hotel with a pool, etc.

Here's my O.O.T.D from a few days ago, my mom and I ran a few errands and Kojo and I met up later that night at 'Boston's' for dinner. We ordered the double pepperoni pizza with bacon and feta cheese.

I've been working on toning my look down going for a more relaxed easy breezy look. It has been hard because I am such a perfectionist and put too much thought in to everything I do!

So here's what I came up with...

Just a simple denim with a pop of print. Really comfy and laid back. My leopard print pants were thin, perfect for this Texas heat! 

Hat - Forever 21
Vest - Dots
Pants- Forever 21 
Sandals - Target 
Backpack Purse - Coach Factory 

I don't remember where I got my button down from sorry guys! 

How was your weekend?!
-Londen Sloan


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