Friday, July 10, 2015

Currently: My Favorite Wine

Hey guys just lounging around sitting on my yoga mat (just finished the second part of my workout), watching 'Snowpiercer' on Netflix oh and I just finished my dinner, pan seared chicken with Uncle Ben's brown rice with a side of water of course. I've been doing pretty good with the fitness thing, super proud of myself. If you want to get healthy there's a lot of inspiring pages on Instagram just type in "#fitness" and go from there! It starts with you if you are unhappy about something try your hardest to do something about it! Easier said than done I know but it starts somewhere.... and that's with you! (Blah, blah, blah..."and the Daytime Emmy goes to..." hahaha)

Anywho back to wine...

Finding wine that I love is very hard for me because one day I love 'Chardonnay' the next day it's a red 'Merlot'. Now I love 'Shiraz', it's not as strong as Merlot because we all know red Merlot is very strong! It's really smooth and should be served at room temperature. It's a full bodied wine with ripe black berry aromas, black pepper notes and a bold, long finish. It's good to pair this with braised short ribs but I tend to just drink it by itself (don't judge me ok?! I drink it with Netflix, there! That's better right?!) The brand I am currently drinking is by 'Oak Leaf vineyards', now it's not the most expensive wine but baby it is bomb! I pick up all of my wine at Wal-Mart. The alcohol volume is 12.5% so drink responsibly people!!

I love to just pour a glass of wine and sit in front of the TV watching Netflix all night. Speaking of red wine I miss 'Scandal'! Olivia Pope and that must have wine glass... *sigh*

What's your go-to wine for some much needed me time?

-Londen Sloan



  1. A blackberry flavored wine sounds delicious. And I, too, believe that drinking wine is healthy, for it is made of fruit juices anyway. Plus, it can make us calm and relaxed after a long day. I love your wine choices, Londen. I might try tasting it soon, but yeah, let's all drink responsibly. Haha! Take care!

    Faith Thomas @ The Berry Farm

  2. Hahaha thanks for reading dear! Have a great day!! :-*

  3. Blackberry flavored wine sounds so nice. I can never choose between red or white, but I think I'm going to absolutely have to try this, it sounds delicious! Seems like a good alcohol volume as well, not too much or too little for a wine like this. Shiraz is one of my favorite wine varieties.

    Irvin Moss @ Shop Brewmeister


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