Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Chef Sloan: Homemade Chipotle Salad

Yoga mat, Netflix, and Cucumber water in a mason jar -my current situation. Decided on Monday to have a salad for dinner from now on, a much needed change for my diet. 

So I took a trip to neighborhood Wal-Mart to pick up penne pasta and Chipotle/Ranch sauce then home I went to pan sear chicken tenders.

Ingredients:  Penne Pasta, Chicken Tenders, Pico de Gayo, Creamy Chipotle Ranch dressing, and mozzarella. (Be sure to let the chicken rest before cutting it/adding to your salad!)

Disclaimer:  This is not something I created myself I first tried this salad from Neighborhood Wal-Mart "pasta salad kit" for about three bucks and decided to make my own that I could have every night....and cheaper!

What's your favorite salad?!

-Londen Sloan



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