Thursday, July 30, 2015

White Spots

Just sitting on the floor (on my yoga mat) playing 'Call of Duty' and blogging at the same time...Queen of multitasking I know! I've been helping my mom move for the last few days and boy am I tired but hey that's my mommy so of course it was worth it!
*Pauses game runs to kitchen to pour a glass of white wine*
Ok, I'm back.
Any who Sunday I went to Kojo's baseball game in Dallas and decided to take my camera along (I have to give my camera a name) Hmm? His team has been pretty good they've only lost one game so far and there's only one game left if I'm not mistaken. As hot as it is here (97-100 degrees) I've managed to stay pretty cool out there. Sitting under a tree, taking bottles of water, a towel, etc. The last few fields had an awning how do you say awesome sauce?! 
So here's my O.O.T.D a simple white denim short with leopard print flip flops - had to keep the rest of the look somewhat simple because of the polka dot shirt. I thought of pairing orange and peanut butter together and I love how it turned out.

And we've arrived at 'Kiest Park' in Dallas..
"Swing batter, batter, batter swiiing batter!"

Well hello Dallas...

The wait at Fuel City (tacos)
Home we go! One day we will dine with Wolfgang Puck..
-Button Down: Goodwill
-Denim Shorts: Target
Sandals: 5 & Below
Backpack Purse: Sam Moon
Watch: Sam Moon 
Glasses: Ross
Lip: MAC's RiRi Woo & Cyber (mixed)
How's your Thursday going? Can you believe tomorrow's Friday?!
-Londen Sloan


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Inspiration

Good morning this was supposed to be a Saturday inspiration but didn't get a chance to post it yesterday. I was going to wait until next Saturday to post this but somebody might need this on this here Sunday. I hope you all are having a blessed day thus far. Oh and make sure you check out (@wisdomfeed) on instagram they have tons of inspirational quotes.

I believe there's ALWAYS a bright side, another way of looking at things. Another way may not necessarily be bright but it is wise. We need not focus on, for example where we want to be in life so much that we forget where we are, to enjoy where we are should I say. Yes, we should all have goals that we want to reach in a year, etc. but lets not forget to better our right now and live in the moment. I was on the tennis court trying desperately to find my breath and I looked up to the sky and noticed how beautiful it was. We have to try to find the beauty around us in the mist of struggle -in the mist of chaos. Easier said than done I know, but when we do it we find our strength.

I was on Instagram yesterday and ran in to the brilliant director John Singletons page and he posted a picture of himself fishing with the caption "Nature is God's grace... the more complicated our lives are the more we should look to the simple special moments to find meaning..." for him its fishing for you it may be hiking, going on a picnic, sitting on the patio with a glass of fresh lemonade. Whatever your "simple special moment" is never lose sight of it it's your peace, your balance.

When life throws you lemons..... I say ask God what to do with them.

-Londen Sloan


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Chef Sloan: Homemade Chipotle Salad

Yoga mat, Netflix, and Cucumber water in a mason jar -my current situation. Decided on Monday to have a salad for dinner from now on, a much needed change for my diet. 

So I took a trip to neighborhood Wal-Mart to pick up penne pasta and Chipotle/Ranch sauce then home I went to pan sear chicken tenders.

Ingredients:  Penne Pasta, Chicken Tenders, Pico de Gayo, Creamy Chipotle Ranch dressing, and mozzarella. (Be sure to let the chicken rest before cutting it/adding to your salad!)

Disclaimer:  This is not something I created myself I first tried this salad from Neighborhood Wal-Mart "pasta salad kit" for about three bucks and decided to make my own that I could have every night....and cheaper!

What's your favorite salad?!

-Londen Sloan


Monday, July 20, 2015

Dinner At Boston's

 Good morning guys I am currently sitting in the lobby at the Sheraton Hotel planning our family reunion. This hotel is lovely and located down the street from The Rangers Stadium. Instead of renting a hall we decided to go with a conference room inside of a nice hotel with a pool, etc.

Here's my O.O.T.D from a few days ago, my mom and I ran a few errands and Kojo and I met up later that night at 'Boston's' for dinner. We ordered the double pepperoni pizza with bacon and feta cheese.

I've been working on toning my look down going for a more relaxed easy breezy look. It has been hard because I am such a perfectionist and put too much thought in to everything I do!

So here's what I came up with...

Just a simple denim with a pop of print. Really comfy and laid back. My leopard print pants were thin, perfect for this Texas heat! 

Hat - Forever 21
Vest - Dots
Pants- Forever 21 
Sandals - Target 
Backpack Purse - Coach Factory 

I don't remember where I got my button down from sorry guys! 

How was your weekend?!
-Londen Sloan


Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Little Black | A Little Blue

Not only is it Friday but forty minutes of cardio and two hundred on the leg press was accomplished today! Now its time to go to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. As soon as I opened the door it was bright and miserable out with a side of 98 degrees. Why Texas, why?!

We decided to go with Alfredo (hey I wanted carbs don't judge me haha!) Oh and a bit of advice when you live in Texas.... leave the car running while you take pictures for your blog, instagram, whatever. You're welcome! Hot, hot, hot!


Strapback: Forever 21
V Neck - Forever 21
Distressed Shorts: Target
Purse: Betsey Johnson
Trainers: Saucony
Lip: RiRi Woo


-Londen Sloan


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fitness Inspiration: Brittany Renner |

Hey hey my beautiful people! So according to the fabulous June Ambrose today is "Wow Wednesday" so in dedication to Wow Wednesday I decided to share with you all my Go-To, my secret weapon, my inspiration Brittany Renner a.k.a Bundle of Brittany (Instagram).

There's tons of instagram pages out there showing girls with a flat stomach, toned butt, nice arms, etc. But they never show how they got there.... SHOW ME YOUR BEFORE PICTURE "SO I KNOW ITS REAL!"

I respect Brittany so much for posting her before picture and telling us how she got to the size in the middle...consistency!

When I'm feeling down or flat out lazy I log on to Insta and type in her name "bundle of brittany" and kill it in the gym! I also go to her page when I want to do the most a.k.a play tennis for one/two hours and then hit the gym for some cardio!

Not only is Brittany an inspiration she has so much personality and just does not care what people think! So much love and respect for this woman!

When you're feeling down or in need of some serious motivation go on Instagram and type in her name or #fitthickarmy.

-Londen Sloan


Review | NLA Dietary Supplement

Hey guys thought I'd do a small and I mean small review on NLA's dietary supplement on something that I've recently noticed. Before going to the tennis court I needed energy (seeing that I just clocked out of work) so I grabbed my BPI Sports bottle and filled it with my energy booster. I was fine at first (felt it start to kick in) after a while I began feeling dizzy, lightheaded, couldn't really stand up. Now I always take this supplement before working out the only thing I did differently was I didn't eat anything. Being in a rush backfired on me! Make sure you eat something before taking this drink. It doesn't say it on the package but I strongly suggest that you do! And always do your research. But as far as that I still love this drink the taste is a little weird but it gets the job done.

Hope you all have an awesome week of fitness!

-Londen Sloan


Friday, July 10, 2015

Currently: My Favorite Wine

Hey guys just lounging around sitting on my yoga mat (just finished the second part of my workout), watching 'Snowpiercer' on Netflix oh and I just finished my dinner, pan seared chicken with Uncle Ben's brown rice with a side of water of course. I've been doing pretty good with the fitness thing, super proud of myself. If you want to get healthy there's a lot of inspiring pages on Instagram just type in "#fitness" and go from there! It starts with you if you are unhappy about something try your hardest to do something about it! Easier said than done I know but it starts somewhere.... and that's with you! (Blah, blah, blah..."and the Daytime Emmy goes to..." hahaha)

Anywho back to wine...

Finding wine that I love is very hard for me because one day I love 'Chardonnay' the next day it's a red 'Merlot'. Now I love 'Shiraz', it's not as strong as Merlot because we all know red Merlot is very strong! It's really smooth and should be served at room temperature. It's a full bodied wine with ripe black berry aromas, black pepper notes and a bold, long finish. It's good to pair this with braised short ribs but I tend to just drink it by itself (don't judge me ok?! I drink it with Netflix, there! That's better right?!) The brand I am currently drinking is by 'Oak Leaf vineyards', now it's not the most expensive wine but baby it is bomb! I pick up all of my wine at Wal-Mart. The alcohol volume is 12.5% so drink responsibly people!!

I love to just pour a glass of wine and sit in front of the TV watching Netflix all night. Speaking of red wine I miss 'Scandal'! Olivia Pope and that must have wine glass... *sigh*

What's your go-to wine for some much needed me time?

-Londen Sloan


Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of July | O.O.T.D

How about this World Cup game?! USA 4 - 1 JPN! Pretty exciting right?! So today has consisted of "what day is it?", sleeping, Netflix, reclining, "what day is it?", sleeping....repeat! When the holiday is on any day but Sunday it throws me off.
I didn't do much for the fourth just went over moms to barbecue by the pool then back home for Netflix, poppers, more Netflix, and we sat on the roof around 11 p.m to watch the fireworks! It was a very chill day and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Here's my very relaxed outfit of the day..
 (this will one day be my "BEFORE" picture. I'm working on my stomach y'all bare with me lol ;-) )

Just a simple leotard, denim shorts, and stacked faux Birkenstocks and out the door I went! I hope you all enjoyed your day! Now back to this World Cup game & Twitter! Follow me on Twitter @londensloan1
-Londen Sloan


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Stacked Faux Birkenstocks

Happy Fourth of July you guys! Hope you all have a great day! I don't really know what I'm doing today it would be nice to go out and watch some fireworks but we shall see?

I just got in from barbecuing over my moms house, later I'll be cooking pasta and cornbread to go with it! We started early to beat the heat and I'm glad we did it already feels like it's 80 degrees out! 

In my previous post I blogged my OOTD on a quick run to Target. Now we went to Target for one thing and one thing only and that was food for the Holiday. Now of course no one can go into Target and not buy something! I saw an awesome deal on some jean sorts (I'm in need because I can no longer fit my denim shorts) "it's all fun and games until your jeans don't fit anymore." Said Instagram. After picking out two pair -the sale was buy one get one half off, I ran into these beauties.....

Aren't they beautiful?! Mossimo stacked sandals (I tried to find a link for them on Targets website but no luck!) They are so comfortable much more comfy than the flat birkenstocks! They were originally 30 bucks bought them for $23! I hesitated before buying these as I usually do...never really feel right buying things for myself. But I'm glad I did! Target has a lot of sales going on guys make sure you catch it before its too late!

I'll probably be styling these today. Stay tuned for an O.O.T.D post later on today! 

-Londen Sloan 


Thursday, July 2, 2015

It's A Denim Thing

Sitting on the couch watching Netflix I'm depressed because I finished Orange Is The New Black already and I'm starting to think there will never be a new season of The Walking Dead *sigh* life is hard! 


My mom and I went to Target to get a few things for the Holiday... so here's my O.O.T.D. It's so hot here so I went with my denim vest, overalls, a white pair of L.A Gear sneakers, and my popcorn purse just something simple for a quick run. 

Oh and I finally have my signature hair cut back! Oh how I missed my hair!!!!!  

Have a blessed day y'all back to Netflix I go!

-Londen Sloan 


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Veggie Pizza

This is a yummy veggie pizza from one of my favorite restaurants, Boston's. I enhaled this on my cheat day as you know I've been trying to watch what I eat. This beautiful creation is covered with basil pesto, manchego cheese, marinated mushrooms, artichokes, red peppers, poblano peppers, and my favorite feta cheese -well my favorite is Goat Cheese, but Feta will do! These signature pies come in four sizes Indy - $10.29, Small - $14.49, Medium - $18.99, and last but not least Large - $23.69. I ordered an "Indy" being my first time eating a veggie pizza. Next time I'm going with a medium. It was delicious oh and don't get me started on the crust!

Oh Boston's how I love you.
(Click the link to check out their website!)

-Londen Sloan
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