Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dietary Supplement | Fitness

Hey guys so as some are able to tell (if you follow me on Instagtam) I've become very dedicated to fitness because of my overall health and I am not happy with my stomach. I workout five times a day and watch what I eat. Being on a "diet" can get really expensive so when I don't have the money I just make sure I don't go back for seconds when I'm eating something I shouldn't (because sometimes that's all I have) -just being honest.

For four days now I've been drinking NLA's Pre-workout Dietary Supplement for women. It improves your athletic performance, fast twitch muscle fiber activation, clean and sustained energy, etc. So far I love it! I was able to do 25 minutes straight on the elliptical at the highest speed without slowing down. I didn't feel jittery I also didn't crash and burn after my workout. I did feel tired but who wouldn't after doing 40 minutes straight on the elliptical?! The taste is super sweet which is something I can't stand! But a friend of mine told me to use warm water and it wouldn't taste so bad. I took his advice and it worked! This is just a good go to when you're feeling sluggish or just over it! It really gets you going! 

Please make sure you do your research before using this/all supplements! Always be careful of what you put in your body. 

-Londen Sloan 

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