Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dietary Supplement | Fitness

Hey guys so as some are able to tell (if you follow me on Instagtam) I've become very dedicated to fitness because of my overall health and I am not happy with my stomach. I workout five times a day and watch what I eat. Being on a "diet" can get really expensive so when I don't have the money I just make sure I don't go back for seconds when I'm eating something I shouldn't (because sometimes that's all I have) -just being honest.

For four days now I've been drinking NLA's Pre-workout Dietary Supplement for women. It improves your athletic performance, fast twitch muscle fiber activation, clean and sustained energy, etc. So far I love it! I was able to do 25 minutes straight on the elliptical at the highest speed without slowing down. I didn't feel jittery I also didn't crash and burn after my workout. I did feel tired but who wouldn't after doing 40 minutes straight on the elliptical?! The taste is super sweet which is something I can't stand! But a friend of mine told me to use warm water and it wouldn't taste so bad. I took his advice and it worked! This is just a good go to when you're feeling sluggish or just over it! It really gets you going! 

Please make sure you do your research before using this/all supplements! Always be careful of what you put in your body. 

-Londen Sloan 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

On Sunday's We Eat Sushi

So I've been craving Sushi for the longest and I finally got my hands on some from Aiyoku Sports Bar! The first time I tried sushi was in Dallas a couple months ago and I instantly fell in love. Now I can only eat five at a time after that I feel like I'm going to barf! 

This time around I went with Shrimp Tempura I just finished five and a half that half was doing too much! Lol does anyone else have this problem?! 

This is by far the best Sushi I've had and I can't wait to go back! Had to get it on the go because we were on our way to KoJo's baseball game so he went with McDonalds and me....this yummy(ness)! 

Doesn't this look delicious?!

-Londen Sloan 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fuel City Tacos

Sunday I went to Dallas to watch KoJo play baseball (they won by the way) so we celebrated at the famous Fuel City. Now *clears throat*...Fuel City is a gas station. I'm sure "fuel" gave it away! I know, I know who eats tacos from a gas station? But this place is awesome sauce! The only thing that I don't like about it is it can be extremely packed in the evening. 

Before moving here I heard about their tacos and how bomb they were. So after being here for two years I gave them a try. And boy were they delicious! They sell some of everything but we decided to go with chicken fajita street tacos!  That touch of lime, that touch of lime... Mmm Mmm Mmm!!! 

If you're ever in Texas you must try Fuel City Tacos!

-Londen Sloan 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Zio's Italian Kitchen | Date Night

Saturday evening KoJo and I had a night out at one of our favorite Italian restaurants 'Zio's'! This was our second time dining here so we decided to go with something a little different just to get a feel of the whole menu. We both went with Spicy Alfredo Bowtie Pasta. This restaurant can do no wrong! They always give large portions, the waiters are always so welcoming, and the hint of Italian music playing as you eat is a sweet touch. Love, love, love this place! 

 Blackstone Merlot 
They give you crayons to write on the paper table cloth .We always just write our nicknames. 

I cannot wait to go surprise there! 

-Londen Sloan 

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Hey guys! Thought I'd post something that people normally don't talk about. Gas and bloating! Being a woman this happens once a month when aunt Flow is in town but some of us experience bloating more aften than not. I wanted to try out a tea that helps bloating etc. before buying 'flat tummy tea' so I went on a hunt and found Gaia herbs 'gas and bloating' rapid relief herbal tea. Fast acting support for digestive discomfort. I purchased my tea at Whole Foods for about 10 bucks. So far I like it -- going to finish the entire box before I say I love it!

Its definitely not a laxitive as some digestion tea's are. Its smooth, with a strong scent of licorice (but doesn't taste like it). Fennel Fruit, Licorice root, Chamomile flower, Star Anise Fruit, Caraway Fruit, Peppermint leaf, and Fennel fruit essential oil.

I'll definitely do an update post but so far I like it. 

-Londen Sloan  

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Earthbound | Home Decor

Reclined on my sofa watching the French open between Djokovic & Wawrinka. Its a pretty good match so far and congrats to Serena Williams on her win Saturday! I was lying here thinking what to post, started looking around and thought why not do a bit of a home decor post?! So here we are...

I am in love with the store 'Earthbound'. It has a Coachella vibe, very Bohemian inspired. They have everything from clothes to home decor to incense to swords. This store is just too dope for words! Here's a link so you can get your shop on at earthbound.

We were looking for a few pieces to add our own little personal touch to our place, as soon as we walked in the door we saw these two beauties! They went for about $13-$20 and are so worth it! They're heavy in weight so it doesn't matter where you sit them they won't fall over or get knocked over easily.

What's your favorite home decor shop?!

-Londen Sloan   

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Stacked Jelly Sandals

Hello my beautiful people I'm standing in the kitchen cooking dinner and standing in front of my fan (yes the air is on) and watching  the news. It is extremely hot in here lol..if you're looking for a new home don't go for the apartment with vaulted ceilings *sad face* lessoned learned. 

So here are my current go to sandals, "The Stacked Jelly". Last summer jelly sandals were in and I decided to bring them in again this year.They are so comfortable and easy to pair with ANYTHING. I purchased my jellies at my local mall at 'Shiekh' (Chic). I bought some faux birkenstocks at full price and got these bad babies for a $1 yes you read that correctly! 

What's your favorite summer sandals?! 

-Londen Sloan 

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