Wednesday, May 20, 2015

NYX x Moss

Hey guys so here's a little post on my favorite nude lip combos. Earlier I was thinking how I used to go out and buy certain shades that I didn't have when all I had to do was combine two to make the shade I was looking for. *Sigh* we make life more difficult than it should be.

My current combinations are NYX 'Nude Pink' (SPL 858) & Kate Moss' 'Rossetto' (102). They give a soft pink shade perfect for summer! Be careful not to overdue it because you will get the ASHY (dry) LIP look (no ma'am lol!!)


I was one layer away from the ashy lip lol!

What's your favorite lip combo?!

-Londen Sloan


  1. I'm pretty sure I use the same exact combination for my fave nude lip too! How crazy is that?



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