Monday, May 25, 2015

NYC | Bronzing Face Powder


Hey dolls! So I'm currently sitting on the couch using my bar stool as a desk because I don't have an actual computer desk (yet) *"started from the bottom....."*. It just finished storming here so its all dark and mysterious out -just how I like it! I have popcorn and Netflix waiting for me -oh and speaking of Netflix as I'm sure you are aware, they do an update every now and then. My account was updated last night and I found a movie that I loved for years.... 'Liberty Stands Still'. Who remembers this movie?! Starring Wesley Snipes and Linda Fiorentino. Ok, if you haven't seen this STOP READING THIS, DON'T COMMENT, DON'T EVEN BOTHER SIGNING OUT OF BLOGGER and go on Netflix right now! I mean it's that good! Ok back to Bronzing...
I am currently using NYC's Bronzing Face Powder in 720A Sunny and when I say it's so smooth, its smooth! With this being a drug store product (because lets face it not all are good) it feels like I paid 20 bucks for it when it was about $5 maybe? I also think this is a great starter for those (like myself) who are new to the world of make-up. Goes on super light which makes it easier to build as you don't want to apply tons at once. I picked my powder up from Walgreens and I am not disappointed. Looking for an affordable face powder because your money is funny? Just to get you through until you pick up your favorite?
NYC Bronzing Face Powder is the way to go!  

What's your go to face powder?
-Londen Sloan


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