Monday, May 18, 2015

My Week #3

Its Monday so its time for "My Week"!

1) On Friday I filmed an O.O.T.D inspired by the Playoffs. Go Spurs! Yes I know the Spurs are out of the Playoffs (sad face)! 

2) Sunday Kojo and I went to see the Rangers beat the Cleveland Indians! It was a bit muggy out from all the rain we've been getting but it was totally worth it! We sat super close to the field, the 11th row I believe. I was kind of scared that the ball was going to hit me and they'd catch it on camera for everyone to see! Lol dramatic much?!

3) After the game we went to my favorite burger joint 'Mooyah'. Listen if you haven't had a burger from 'Mooyah' you're missing out! They make fresh bread, the meat isn't freezer patties like most restaurants, and that mooyah sauce... mmmmm *Homer's voice*. 

4) I filmed a vlog that will hopefully be on my YouTube channel ('Londen Sloan TV') sometime this week. Search: 'londen sloan' for O.O.T.D and Vlogs. 

Hope you all have a great week. God bless! 

Something to keep in mind.. You are responsible for your own actions. No one can change your mood or "ruin your day" unless you give them that power. 

-Londen Sloan

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