Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Saucony Trainers | Summer Foot Wear

I posted this beauts on Instagram last year and recently started wearing them again and remembered why I just had to have them. They're super comfy and easy to style with the very present yet toned down colors. These will more than likely be my go to trainers this summer. I want to try to do more with them this year -jeans, shorts, skirt, the list goes on! No socks needed with these babies... I think it would take away the look of the shoes (low profile). Have to make sure I don't forget to sprinkle the baby powder. Stinky feet, not chic! Lol! 

P.S I couldn't stand these shoes in high school! Love them now...decided to bring 'em back...

So what's your go to shoe this summer?!! 

-Londen S.

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