Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Week # 1

As I've stated on my instagram page I've gained weight in the right and wrong places....enjoying the right and cardio for the wrong! Every morning (unless my mommy isn't feeling well) we go to the gym and workout. It's so awesome to see how dedicated she is! We've currently been drinking cucumber, lemon, and mint water during and a smoothie after our workout. 

Kojo and I were in desperate need to find something to watch on Netflix (all caught up on 'Orange Is The New Black'). And we came across 'American Horror Story' and I'm so glad we did (I say we just to be nice...it was really my idea to start watching it. Lol!!) 

On Sunday we went to a new arcade and had a blast! This is a picture of Kojo before I beat him in Mario Kart! Fun Fact: No one can beat me in Mario Kart 

A few months back I filmed about five different looks for my YouTube channel and just didn't like it. So I filmed in a different location and decided to start off with an OOTD instead. I'm happy I did!! That first video was a mess!!! :-D 



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