Monday, March 9, 2015

My Saturday/Sunday Night

I love watching 'Get Ready/Unready With Me' videos on Youtube and since my Youtube channel isn't up and running yet decided to do a blog version. Just a quick post on my Saturday night that unexpectedly led into Sunday night because of an extremely terrible headache (that I currently have now) *tear*...
I spent most of my Saturday with my mommy! I woke up and went Pine sol crazy on my house, grabbed a bite to eat and watched some television with her at my place.

After my mommy left I took a shower and cleansed my face with the mother of all facial cleansers 'Cetaphil' and sprayed on a bit 'Rogue' by Rih Rih.

Time to get tonight's dinner started before Kojo comes home..

While dinner was cooking I listened to some music and got my workout on!

After eating we played some 'Call of Duty' (I beat him of course!)


I hope this post wasn't too long. If I there's something I could've done better or if it was just simply too many pictures let me know.
Have a great rest of the day guys..
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