Saturday, March 21, 2015

Current Obsession: Peppermint Tea

Want a refreshing way to boost your health with tons of flava (yes flava)? Sip peppermint tea! 

I am currently reclined on my sofa watching 'The Night Crawler' and obviously blogging. Just being a lazy old couch potato (this movie is great by the way)! I just finished eating dinner and make a cup of tea to drink afterwards as it helps my stomach. A couple days ago I thought as much as I drink tea why haven't I posted about it?! So here we are...

My favorite tea at the moment is Peppermint Tea!!!!! After eating a large meal or a small one it makes my tummy feel so much better. I could go on for days about how delicious it is but lets discuss the PROS and the CONS.

PROS (it is said to): improves digestion - reduce pain - eliminates inflammation-  relaxes the body & mind - bad breath - weight loss - boost immune system - helps w/ nausea & vomiting - reduce fever - respiratory issues - stress

CONS: the menthol may act as an allergen / may cause heartburn (mild)

It's said that peppermint tea is popular for medicinal treatment popular for IBS.

| ALWAYS consult with your doctor about allergies kiddos! |

If everything's okay with the doc drink peppermint tea after your meals it's a lifesaver!

-Londen Sloan 

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