Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Color Stay Gel Envy | VS | Essie

Hey hey y'all! I've noticed on Instagram and different blogs the obsession with Essie nail polish. So I went out and purchased a bottle of 'Cashmere Matte'. I don't get how folks love this polish so much? I mean in a day or so it chips... which is beyond annoying! I personally prefer Revlon's Gel Envy collection. It doesn't even need to be Revlon just gel polish in general. It lasts way longer than Essie as well as other nail products. I've decided to wear it on my toes just to keep from wasting it cause honey Essie is not cheap!!!

Just blogging out loud. Love y'all have a blessed one!

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Which nail polish do you prefer? 


  1. As a fellow nail obessed addict, I have yet to try the Revlon brand of polishes. This one I'll have to make an exception for. Will be checking it out. Thanks!

    XO NEOSHA - www.itsratedngee.com

    1. No problem hon! ;-) You'll love it btw. Let me know what you think.


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