Monday, March 30, 2015

My Week | #2

1. Switched up my workout routine played some tennis for hours -I'm in desperate need of some cardio! Can't wait to go back. I'm trying to go as much as possible before it gets too hot here! 

2. On Saturday Kojo and I went to Woodall Rodgers Park. We stopped at a few food trucks and played some ping pong. He had a Philly Cheese Steak that he didn't enjoy at all! (It was terrible) I had Sushi (Crunchy Philly) which was my first time having Sushi and Crazy Fish food truck left a great impression! 

3. As a beginner editing a YouTube video is the hardest thing ever! But it all worked out. I thought I had it with the first video but there was still other things I needed to do. With God's help I got it done. Check out my channel search: londen sloan 

4. Just an outfit of the day. Made a few runs with mom.
Hat: Forever 21
Shirt: Forever 21
Pants: Forever 21
Trainers: Saucony 
Purse: Betsey Johnson

Hope you all have a blessed week! 

-Londen Sloan   

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday Inspiration

For years I'd put things off until "the time is right", "Change my look", "In January" instead of just starting - instead of doing things now! Its all about starting! Once you begin the rest is history. I started this blog two years ago it's not off the ground yet but I'm glad I STARTED.

Have a blessed weekend loves.

-Londen Sloan 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My YouTube Channel | Londen Sloan T.V

I finally have a YouTube channel yay!!!!! It's mainly about Fashion and lifestyle and so far I only have one video up. I plan on posting again this Sunday (God willing). I've studied many videos for month's before finally posting my own. I still have room to learn and learn more. But one thing I can say editing, adding music, and posting was so hard but I DID IT!!!!! With God's help of course!

Ok back to Netflix I go.

Check out my channel when you're bored ---> O.O.T.D | Londen Sloan:


Monday, March 23, 2015

D.I.Y. - Plants

D.I.Y for under 10 bucks!

Went over moms to replant our plants and boy was it fun! I think I had more fun than she did. We usually pick up our plants from Wal-Mart and we bought our flower pots from the Dollar Tree. 

Here's how my plants turned out. My fireplace was so boring here's a few things I've added to it to give it some character. 


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Saturday | Sunday Inspiration

Early in the week I went to the park and filmed my first YouTube video. Now this being my first time I was a bit nervous because there was a lot of people there (not really but enough to make a first-timer nervous!) I've been putting off starting a YouTube channel because I didn't feel I was ready, but I've been doing some research. I'm ready now y'all! Lol the point of this post is basically just do it. Don't let starring eyes, your nerves, or that little voice in the back of your head that says "you can't do it." "You're not ready!", "There's already people doing what you want to do and they're way better." Do what you want to do and be yourself always remembering to put 100% into all that you do and you'll be fine! 


Love y'all! 

- Londen 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Current Obsession: Peppermint Tea

Want a refreshing way to boost your health with tons of flava (yes flava)? Sip peppermint tea! 

I am currently reclined on my sofa watching 'The Night Crawler' and obviously blogging. Just being a lazy old couch potato (this movie is great by the way)! I just finished eating dinner and make a cup of tea to drink afterwards as it helps my stomach. A couple days ago I thought as much as I drink tea why haven't I posted about it?! So here we are...

My favorite tea at the moment is Peppermint Tea!!!!! After eating a large meal or a small one it makes my tummy feel so much better. I could go on for days about how delicious it is but lets discuss the PROS and the CONS.

PROS (it is said to): improves digestion - reduce pain - eliminates inflammation-  relaxes the body & mind - bad breath - weight loss - boost immune system - helps w/ nausea & vomiting - reduce fever - respiratory issues - stress

CONS: the menthol may act as an allergen / may cause heartburn (mild)

It's said that peppermint tea is popular for medicinal treatment popular for IBS.

| ALWAYS consult with your doctor about allergies kiddos! |

If everything's okay with the doc drink peppermint tea after your meals it's a lifesaver!

-Londen Sloan 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Week # 1

As I've stated on my instagram page I've gained weight in the right and wrong places....enjoying the right and cardio for the wrong! Every morning (unless my mommy isn't feeling well) we go to the gym and workout. It's so awesome to see how dedicated she is! We've currently been drinking cucumber, lemon, and mint water during and a smoothie after our workout. 

Kojo and I were in desperate need to find something to watch on Netflix (all caught up on 'Orange Is The New Black'). And we came across 'American Horror Story' and I'm so glad we did (I say we just to be was really my idea to start watching it. Lol!!) 

On Sunday we went to a new arcade and had a blast! This is a picture of Kojo before I beat him in Mario Kart! Fun Fact: No one can beat me in Mario Kart 

A few months back I filmed about five different looks for my YouTube channel and just didn't like it. So I filmed in a different location and decided to start off with an OOTD instead. I'm happy I did!! That first video was a mess!!! :-D 



Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Instagram |#1|

On my way to do some shopping with Kojo for things we didn't need in Texas' extremely hot weather! Decided to pay homage to workout gear hence the biker shorts and sports bra. ;-) 

Have a great day babes.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Color Stay Gel Envy | VS | Essie

Hey hey y'all! I've noticed on Instagram and different blogs the obsession with Essie nail polish. So I went out and purchased a bottle of 'Cashmere Matte'. I don't get how folks love this polish so much? I mean in a day or so it chips... which is beyond annoying! I personally prefer Revlon's Gel Envy collection. It doesn't even need to be Revlon just gel polish in general. It lasts way longer than Essie as well as other nail products. I've decided to wear it on my toes just to keep from wasting it cause honey Essie is not cheap!!!

Just blogging out loud. Love y'all have a blessed one!

<3 londen="" p="">

Which nail polish do you prefer? 

Monday, March 9, 2015

My Saturday/Sunday Night

I love watching 'Get Ready/Unready With Me' videos on Youtube and since my Youtube channel isn't up and running yet decided to do a blog version. Just a quick post on my Saturday night that unexpectedly led into Sunday night because of an extremely terrible headache (that I currently have now) *tear*...
I spent most of my Saturday with my mommy! I woke up and went Pine sol crazy on my house, grabbed a bite to eat and watched some television with her at my place.

After my mommy left I took a shower and cleansed my face with the mother of all facial cleansers 'Cetaphil' and sprayed on a bit 'Rogue' by Rih Rih.

Time to get tonight's dinner started before Kojo comes home..

While dinner was cooking I listened to some music and got my workout on!

After eating we played some 'Call of Duty' (I beat him of course!)


I hope this post wasn't too long. If I there's something I could've done better or if it was just simply too many pictures let me know.
Have a great rest of the day guys..
<3 londen="" p="">

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Camera: Canon

Hey hey everybody! This is a post I should've posted decades ago! 

Say hello to my baby Canon. The EOS Rebel T3 (deluxe kit). This was a little Christmas gift to myself last year. I started off with a little pocket camera that I am grateful for (you have to start somewhere!) 


EF-S 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II lens


12.2 megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor & digic 4 image processor (high image quality & speed. ISO 100-6400 for shooting from bright to dim light. Improved EOS HD movie mode & in camera video editing options. High speed reliable 9 point AF system utilizing a high precision, f/5.6 cross type center point. Short descriptions of each function. 2.7 - inch wide TFT LCD monitor (23,000 dots)  with live view function for improved viewing. 

All that aside its simply a great camera!

What camera do you use?!!

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