Saturday, February 28, 2015

My New Record Player!!


Hello my beautiful people! I am currently snowed/iced in so today I'm just chilling watching movies, playing Xbox, watching a bit of T.V, working on my book and of course some blogging.
Last week I went on a search for a record player. I've been wanting one for the longest and finally got my hands on one! First I went to Bed Bath & Beyond who wanted to order one and have it to me in ten days... um yeah no! I wanted one now! Wal-Mart didn't carry them so to Target I went and......Yahtzee! I went with black to match the black and white theme of my room (thinking about making it mostly white).

Took a trip later on that day to the Container Store to pick up a couple of crates to keep my records in. (and can I just say that store is amazing!) I found some black crates and a few aisles over saw this pretty little file basket and went with that instead!
Here are some of the records I picked up...

What are some of the vinyl's you own?
<3 Londen 



  1. I envy you! I've wanted a record player for a while now but waiting until I move into my own place lol.

    Sharan |

  2. ;-) lol! They go for about $80 at Target and one something at Urban Outfitters (they also have a bigger selection) !


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