Thursday, January 1, 2015

Uptown Dallas

 Kojo and I were supposed to go to 'Village Burger' for my birthday but it was a Sunday and it closed early *sad face*. But he promised we'd go soon....and we did! 'Village Burger' is located in Uptown Dallas -3699 McKinney Avenue also 12300 Inwood Road, Dallas Tx. We went to the one on McKinney Ave.,  it's a cozy comfy restaurant with a bar also a patio with a great view of clothing stores and other restaurants.
As you can see they have very affordable prices also catering to vegetarians. Speaking of vegetarian I tried the 'Goat Cheese Portobello' burger *sigh* I have no words!!! The BEST burger I've ever tried in my life (it was meant to sound dramatic) but it's true! Their burgers are not from the freezer like a lot of restaurants are.... the quality of their food is outstanding! I had a side of parmesan string fries. Now I normally can't stand string fries but these fries *drools*
 Meet the 'Goat Cheese Portobello' burger
 Parmesan String Fries

Snapped a few places to go after/before eating.......


I hope you all are enjoying your day off!
Happy New Year!!!!!!!
<3 L. Sloan 

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