Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Goats Milk Soap

I recently took a trip to 'Whole Foods' with my mommy to pick up a few things, we stumbled across a huge selection of natural soaps! Now having a slight case of what I (and others) feel is OCD I had a hard time picking which one I loved first. Then I sniffed this beauty, 'Lemon Grass' by Zum Bar a natural moisturizing soap. There's more Pro's then Con's so I'll be trying other scents from their line.
  • Strong lemon scent (fills bathroom and whatever room is closets to the bathroom)
  • Helps with Acne / oily skin
  • Natural

  • Scent isn't as strong on you (but it's there)
 What's your favorite Zum Bar soap?!
<3 Londen Sloan 

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