Saturday, January 31, 2015

'5 Things To Do On A Rainy Weekend'


Hello blog world! I'm sitting in my house on the floor in some sweats, a white t-shirt and messy hair (dry and messy..ugh!). It's raining ..... oh and I'm sick [tears]! Just trying to relax, watch a movie or two, play 'Call of Duty'... just be plain lazy this weekend. Going over moms tomorrow (God willing) to watch the Super Bowl, eat pizza/wings and continue in my laziness.
Tonight I've decided to post a blog about what to do on weekends like these -rain w/ a side of lazy.
'5 Things To Do On A Rainy Weekend' (after a good shower of course)
  • Wash off that make-up with a cleanser (ran out of 'Cetaphil' so I'm using the cheap stuff *shrugs*)
  • Clean up your nails and paint them of course
  • Scrub all that dry skin off of your feet (hey lets be honest) ...and use your favorite foot balm and cover with cozy socks!  
  • Find a series or a simple chick flick
  • Last but not least can't have a lazy weekend without popcorn! (try w/ pepper... omg!) 
<3 Londen

What are you doing this weekend?! 

What's In My Bag? | Betsey Johnson Edition

I absolutely love reading "what's in my bag?" posts and watching them on YouTube! I guess it's just the nosey side in us that makes us curious about what's in other folks bags. Since my YouTube channel is still under construction I've decided to do a blog edition.

-What's in my bag?-

° Beats Headphones
° Nivea Cream
° Rihanna Lipstick
° Book of ideas
° Wallet
° Watch
° Real Techniques Brush
° Nude Lipstick
° Coco Butter Lotion (extra case of dry hands)
° Khole K. Perfume 'Unbreakable Bond'


Have a great weekend guys!!

<3 Londen 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Into The Wild | leopard print pumps


Hello everyone I hope you all are having a great weekend. I'm sitting here in my sweats and leopard print pajama top watching 'Clarence' on Cartoon Network, just being lazy on this Sunday morning. Any who I picked up these leopard babies designed by 'Yellow Box' at a lovely place called 'Stein Mart' for about 50 bucks. Stein Mart also sale home/bedroom d├ęcor, clothes, shoes, etc.
Material made out of Mohair, doesn't have much grip on the heel, can easily be paired with an all black or denim attire for that simple pop of pattern! 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Dumb Blonde's...... According to 'Bed Head'


I am currently a blonde and here's a few products I'm using and that I plan on purchasing loads of...

Ok where should I begin...
I guess I'll start off with my favorites..
Redken's 'Blonde Idol' shampoo and 'BBB Spray'
 Sulfate-free, leaves your hair tangle free, light weight and smelling of oranges simply two must haves! PURCHASED AT: Smart Style (located inside of Wal-Mart)
Paul Mitchel "Curls"
Frizz-free leave-in treatment curl therapy cream. 'Tony & Guy' color hair now theydid an awesome job but I wasn't told how to care for blonde hair so my hair was damaged. Now Im giving my hair proper care it needs using these products. I currently wear my hair low & wanted to add curls to it without heat (as we know that can be quit harsh on your hair). Paul Mitchell is who you want if you have a low cut and want a product that will pull out your natural curls. PURCHASED AT: Smart Style (located inside of Wal-Mart) $20 (6.8 oz)
Shimmer Lights
Shimmer Lights is a color-enhancing conditioner for Blonde and Silver hair. It tones down brassiness, renews and refreshes faded highlights and removes dull yellow in gray/white hair. Leaves hair shiny, healthy-looking, and manageable without residue. For extra conditioning and color leave on 2-5 mins.,rinse. Oh and its PURPLE!!! PURCHASED: EBAY $11.99 (16 oz)
Dumb Blonde
Shampoo for chemically treated hair (as you know by  now) it gives your hair mega-moisture and shine. Feeds protein starved hair with provitamin B-5, wheat and soy. Adjusts the pH of your hair to reserve your color & revitalize your scalp. Its not just for blondes, but for reds and brunettes! PURCHASED: CVS $14 (13.5 oz)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Mules

One of the things I bought at 'The Gallaria Mall', the Mules. I bought them from 'Forever 21' for about $35. Now I had my eye on these babies for about a week and couldn't stop thinking about them. I'm super excited to style these joints, Im going to try to do something I haven't seen anyone else do.......which should be everyone's goal in Fashion. I decided to sit them on my Lady Gaga Harpers Bazaar magazine that she slays on.... but of course!
Where did you find your Mules?
<3 Londen Sloan 

Goats Milk Soap

I recently took a trip to 'Whole Foods' with my mommy to pick up a few things, we stumbled across a huge selection of natural soaps! Now having a slight case of what I (and others) feel is OCD I had a hard time picking which one I loved first. Then I sniffed this beauty, 'Lemon Grass' by Zum Bar a natural moisturizing soap. There's more Pro's then Con's so I'll be trying other scents from their line.
  • Strong lemon scent (fills bathroom and whatever room is closets to the bathroom)
  • Helps with Acne / oily skin
  • Natural

  • Scent isn't as strong on you (but it's there)
 What's your favorite Zum Bar soap?!
<3 Londen Sloan 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Galleria Mall

On Friday we went to 'The Galleria' mall in Dallas to do a bit of shopping. Now if you've never been to 'The Galleria' it has three levels and a McDonalds.. yes a McDonalds!!! Crazy right?!!! Any who.. after shopping and enjoying ourselves because it was nowhere near crowded surprisingly we decided to grab a bite to eat. We went with 'Charley's' (Grilled Subs), kind of expensive but totally worth it! We both went with Philly Cheese stakes and they were yummy! I also decided to try their Strawberry lemonade .... *drools*
If you're ever in Dallas visit 'The Galleria'! ...lots of stores and great exercise! Lol!
Enjoy your Tuesday night!
<3 Londen Sloan

Monday, January 12, 2015

HP Beats Touchscreen Notebook

Another Christmas gift from Sanny Clause ....the HP Beats notebook! I love this thing its awesome sauce!! It has Windows 8.1, live home screen, "split screen option", Piano, Diet Tracker, Backlit Keyboard (red light -that you have to turn on with F5 key), Netflix, over 50 Apps, on screen keyboard, and MORE!!! This is my first "computer" ever so you can only imagine how excited I was!! I'll now be able to accomplish more blogging and on a scheduled time -as before my blogging was all over the place!
Oh and by the way I hope you all like my Blog's new look.. THANK YOU PHIL at PIPDIG!
To make your Blog look more professional go with pipdig guys! At the lovely Ms. Nateisha gave me the great idea to use Pipdig and just overall great advice about blogging period! Visit her at

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Nails, Nails, Nails!


It's almost Friday! What what!!!! Any who...
Here's a few bottles of polish perfect for Fall!
Revlon (scented nail enamel): Bordeaux
Revlon (Gel Envy): High Stakes
Forever 21: Matte Top Coat
L.A Colors: Nude
Sally Hansen: Mint Sorbet
Sally Hansen: Wet Cement
E.L.F: Nude
Hope you all are having a great Thursday! Speaking of Thursday I cant wait until 'Scandal' returns!! 
What colors are you guys using this Fall?!
<3 L. Sloan

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

'Rogue' by Rihanna

One of my Christmas gifts from my mommy, the fourth fragrance 'Rogue' by Rihanna. The set came with a 3 oz. bottle of bath & shower gel, 3 oz. body lotion, and perfume. It has an elegant smell with a hint of spice.  It's definitely a night pout on the town kind of scent.. but I don't follow the rules I wear it when I feel the need. I love the design of the bottle, very classy. This is my favorite design so far... well done Rihanna!!! If you don't own 'Rogue' go by it now!!! Like right now!!
Have a great night guys!!!
<3 L. Sloan 
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