Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Wow Wednesday : A Bit of Boost

Today's Wow Wednesday post is simple, straight to the point and yet effective. 

Control what you think; control what you see.

A man who is in control of his thoughts and his vision (your perspective on life) is simply a man in control. I believe, at times, we allow things around us to affect how we move throughout the day. We allow negative thoughts to control our day and we allow what we see around us to control our future ( you don't have to be what you're surrounded by).

"Reality can destroy the dream why shouldn't the dream destroy the reality?" Is the question at hand. The dream can destroy the reality but you have to make that decision. Its up to you to make that choice. Keep your mind set on positivity and keep moving forward and before you know it you'll be closer and closer to your dreams.

Thought I'd give you all a piece of advice with something that I have to keep in mind myself. To make sure I don't become complacent. To make sure I don't allow what I see too destroy my dreams. 


Monday, February 19, 2018

Music Monday : Frank Ocean

To me Sunday's are for movies such as 'Breakfast At Tiffany's'. Faithfully I'd watch this film simply because it gave me the feels. I love how simple that movie was yet such a classic. Audrey gave a light innocent vibe that I'm sure all loved and not to mention the fashion! Amongst all that goodness the music in the film set the mood. One of my favs was 'Moon River' by Henry Mancini and his Orchestra and Chorus. The great Frank Ocean decided to bless us with his take on the song and may I be one of the firsts to say thank you. The vibe and melody of his voice is perfect for this tune. As old as this song is he somehow has the ability to make it anew. His spin is such a 6 p.m, sun setting, drink of choice on a summer night mood.

Be sure to take a listen.



Sunday, February 18, 2018

Black & Blue | OOTD

After recovering from a serious migraine on Saturday I decided to get out of the house today and shop around at a few stores. I picked up some new hair products from the Whole Blends line and a rubber face mask from Neutrogena. The past few days I've been shopping for skin care which is a result of my current obsession for products that cater to the skin. 

How was your weekend love?




Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Double Button Up | OOTD

I wore this double blouse look that I came up with to go shopping at my favorite store, Sephora. I decided to tone down the look, as double print together can be a bit much on the eyes. I went with my black slacks, which are my favorite, paired with my black loafers. 

My trip to Sephora took place because I am currently obsessed with skin care. So I took a browse around and picked up a few things. I'll feel you guys in soon on the things that I bought.

Shop my look below!!

What did you guys do today?!! 





Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wow Wednesday : Andy Wolfe Eyewear

The above shot is Kendall Jenner wearing Andy Wolfe's eyewear and of course I have to mention her style in this picture, well done lady!!

Andy Wolfe's eyewear is handmade in Austria. It is polished with hard ceramic marbles, softer wood and bamboo to give it its best shine.

Kendall was spotted wearing the "Florence" sunglasses during New York Fashion Week. Andy's eyewear has also been seen on Solange, Rihanna and Oprah. 

Check out his Instagram page for more of his dope sunglasses. (@andywolfeofficial) 

Are you feeling the frames?!




Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Talk Tuesday : Supporting Others

Man how important this is! Supporting people's craft and simply doing what you can to put others before you. Yes we all want our dreams to come true and be recognized by our work but I really believe in humility and crawling before you walk. 

I recently stumbled upon, Frantzy Moreau on Instagram. Frantzy is a writer, film maker and more from Miami. When you visit his page you'll find a link to a dope show on his YouTube channel entitled 'What's More Important?" After watching the trailer I'll definitely be watching his show.  Not only does it look interesting and give off so many vibes, I honestly feel I NEED to support! 

Be sure to check out his instagram page : @frantzymoreau 

Don't forget to find someone to support and show love to. And in my opinion we should support others and not even let them know we're doing it. 

Show love for what the other person may receive not from what you may receive ! 



Monday, February 12, 2018

Music Monday : Brandy

My favorite in the music industry is the one, the only, Queen Brandy! Singer, songwriter, record producer and actress born February 11th 1979. Her debut album entitled 'Brandy' went quadruple platinum in the US and sold six million copies worldwide. The Queen's second album 'Never Say Never' sold 16 million copies. My favorite album from Brandy was released in a 2002, 'Full Moon'. This album was simply amazing, well written and very well done. Her song 'Beggin and Pleadin' gave church vibes full of soul and true R&B was released in 2016 and was performed on Black Girls Rock on BET. 

What's your favorite album from Brandy?!



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